You can Heal Anything: You are the new Medicine

The origin of healing systems

The division of medicine into traditional/conventional and alternative/complementary did not occur unintentionally. Mankind overall needed to experience both of buy rohypnol them before it was ready for a system of medicine whoever purpose would be of a higher nature than is currently available. The new medicine, although it is so unlike the typical and alternative models, is being birthed by both of them

Other than the Lemurian and Atlantean ways to healing, it is clear that the ‘medicine of nature’ has been the most influential in recorded history. Nobody created this form of medicine; it was simply there to be re-cognized or discovered by those who had direct access to the language of nature called Veda, which means knowledge or science. The first written records of nature’s medicine appeared about 6, 000 years ago. These folks were channeled messages written down by Vedic sages in direct response to the first situations of illness on the planet. This method, which kept illness and suffering from increasing for hundreds of years, became known as Ayurveda, or the ‘Science of Life’.

Although Ayurveda only lasted the passage of time in India and some in areas of Brazil and China, it remains a worldwide form of medicine. Today it stands enhanced to some of its original form. It greatly contrasts with the western approach to modern medicine in that it wishes to address the underlying imbalance responsible for the symptoms of illness rather than trying to alleviate or eliminate the effects of the imbalance.

Outsmarting the infringement of the laws of nature

Before Ayurveda became a textbook science of healing, people knew how to live in harmony with the laws of nature. As a result, sickness, pain and poverty weren’t part of life. But as time gone by, we begun to replace some of the laws of nature with own laws; in other words, we violated natural law. To try to address the consequences of this transgression from natural living, a system of healing (Ayurveda) was developed to treat the physical and mental effects resulting from the deviations from natural law. A new set of natural laws needed to be employed to undo the damage that was caused by the infringement of the original laws of nature. When you dam a stream of water and it flows over its banks, the flooding caused by this step requires a different approach than just letting the stream flow in a course. We needed to employ new laws and ideas to help us deal with the damage once done. The first violations of the laws of nature on earth created the importance for a natural system of healing, one that would give us access to those second laws that would reduce the damage caused by infringement of the primary laws. This method would show us how to release the obstruction that hinders the flow of the stream in its natural direction. Without anyone violating the primary laws of nature, such healing systems would otherwise be unnecessary.

Hippocrates was perhaps the most enlightened father of nature’s medicine in the more recent history of our own species. He understood that the need for healing (applying second laws) resulted from the losing of angle with one’s inner wisdom and intuition. The more humans distanced themselves from their own inner wisdom and the rules of the natural world, the harsher were the corrective measures needed to be taken by the force of nature. So, killer diseases such as the plague begun to decimate the population, which then generated the urge for a new kind of medicine, that would combat disease-causing virus and stop each new one dead before it became an plague. This approach is what has become known as the typical system of modern medicine. Of course, all of this was perhaps the master plan – to throw a lot of humanity into the other end of the selection range of duality for the purposes of greater learning and growth in consciousness.

Propagation illness

Just like Ayurvedic medicine, modern medicine, too, was unable to stop the escalation of disease on the planet. Modern medicine was so concerned with the effects or symptoms of disease that it lost look of the reasons why people was thrown off sick, most of which weren’t even physical causes. The discovery of the first antibiotic medicine (penicillin) caused euphoria among the medical communities and general population. Years later, the enthusiasm of developing an effective drug for pretty much every infectious disease became dampened by the fact that the medial side effects generated by the contaminants contained in the drugs were so severe that they often outweighed their benefits. In fact, they actually contributed to the emergence of an entirely new class of diseases now known as chronic illnesses, such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, only 10 percent of all diseases was thrown off into this category. The rest were good problems, including fractures, infections, burns, etc. By around 1980, over 90 percent of all diseases had reached a chronic stage, meaning they couldn’t be cured by modern medicine. They also became known as the killer diseases of the modern era. Since our genes haven’t changed a bit over the past hundreds or thousands of years, genetic errors cannot be held responsible for such a sudden and dramatic escalation of diseases, especially when most of them occur only in the refreshed world. Additionaly, having costly genes doesn’t mean an affected person is going to get ill. Research on the blood disease thalassaemia, for example, has shown that patients who have exactly the same defect in the gene may be extremely sick, gently ill, or completely healthy. This applies to most other ‘genetic’ illnesses, too. There may be just as many people with healthy genes who suffer from diabetes or asthma as there are those who have costly genes.

The symptom-oriented approach of modern medicine became synonymous with the revival of the old epidemics that so scared and scarred humanity less than a hundred years ago. The wide use of antibiotics and steroids have forced the targeted bacterias, held accountable for causing infectious disease, to resist the drugs’ action and mutate into what is termed ‘antibiotic resistant organisms’. The virus, following their natural emergency instincts, are now outsmarting one drug after another, which means that proven very few effective ‘treatments’ left for diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. Millions more people each year are dying from these ‘new’ infectious diseases than you ever have and the current trends suggest it will get worse. Unless medicine ingests a complete u-turn in its approach, or healing is practiced in a different fashion, mankind will be greatly decimated once again.

It is highly unlikely, though, that modern medicine is going to save humanity from self-destruction. The side-effects of drugs and treatments are propagation many diseases and causing so many deaths every minute of the day that it is virtually impossible to even remotely win the battle against disease as long as people believe they depend on any form of medicine, even an alternative one. Since the current medical system is primarily controlled by financiers who have a vested interest in keeping it going and even increasing it further, it is not in the investors’ interest to find a real cure for the most common illnesses, for this would mean the end of medicine. Modern medicine is not designed to make people healthy; it is designed to make and keep people sick.

Many voices among doctors, patients and alternative practitioners denounce the exploitation of ‘innocent’ people. However, they have not yet realized that the same medical system that is inaccurate and enslaving mankind and robbing millions of people of their sense of sovereignty and self-empowerment is also critical in birthing a new medicine, one that will make everyone their own best healer. The government, health care agencies, medical associations, insurance carriers, and drug companies are unaware that they are key players in the cosmic game of transformation. They have helped a major percentage of mankind to feel helpless and powerless against bacterias and other disease-causing factors. The extreme denial of the limitless power of healing and rejuvenation that lies inherent in everyone is requiring the pendulum of time to swing back and also the masses to gain complete and unrestricted access to this power within. Without the hazards of the old medicine, the new medicine could not occur.

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